Met the eye Halleys comet’86

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 Icy nucleus of Halley’s comet was drifting in dark silence far beyond the planet Neptune. Its glory extinguished by deep cold, the comet was feeling gravitational tugs from the distant sun, tugs that would pull it back, ever accelerating, into the inner solar system. Four decades later, in January 1985, the comet was passing Jupiter, hurtling toward the asteroid belt at 18 kilometers a second.

At Hawaii’s Mauna Kea Observatory a man who was not even born when the comet made its turnaround was sitting cold and tense at the eyepiece of a 61-centimeter (24-inch) telescope. Breathing oxygen to improve his concentration at Mauna Kea,’s heady summit, Steve O’Meara was pursuing an improbable dream. He wanted to be the first person in 76 years to lay eyes on the comet on its 30th recorded return.

Others already had located the celebrated itinerant electronically. O’Meara, known to fellow amateur astronomers as the “faint-star wizard,” was pressing the limits of human vision. With his naked eyes O’Meara had seen objects 15 times fainter than the distant planet Uranus— invisible to most viewers. Even Uranus was brilliant compared to Halley’s comet, which was bedeviling the professional astrono­mers working next door that night with elec­tronic detectors on a large 224-centimeter instrument.

“The comet is 300,000 times fainter than the faintest star you could see with the un­aided eye,” said University of Hawaii as­tronomer Dale Cruikshank. “Detecting something so small is like being in New York City and trying to see a penny in St. Louis,” calculated his colleague Bill Hartmann. O’Meara’s night began badly. Using a sky chart, he visually star-hopped to where Hal­ley should be, but he found only stars that were not on his chart. When, after a two-hour search, he sought help, Cruikshank pointed out that he had forgotten to compen­sate for the longitude difference between Hawaii and his cheap hotels prague.

Next, O’Meara had trouble opening the telescope slit enough to focus on the correct patch of sky. Moreover, subfreezing winds were picking up, threatening to shut down observations. When he finally focused the eyepiece, he noticed three faint stars arrayed in a triangle. Two were not on his chart. Fif­teen minutes later he glanced back at the triangle, only to find that it had become a straight line. The star on top had moved. A few minutes later it had dropped farther, forming an inverse image of the original tri­angle. That was no star, O’Meara realized. The faint-star wizard had found Halley’s comet in flight.

Looking for Halley’s comet this time around wasn’t easy for anyone. Astronomers had warned the public that the comet’s 1986 apparition would be history’s worst. Orbital vagaries kept Halley much farther from earth than on its last visit in 1910. Then its tail practically grazed the planet.”Nature has played a nasty trick on us,” I overheard a small boy complain after view­ing the anemic comet from a 200-dollar-a­seat jet flight over Australia.

Our adventures

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Bear Lake landscape , ColoradoMontana would not be named Montana were it not for the various ranges of the Rockies that divide the plains from Idaho: the Absarokas, the Bitterroots and Beaver-heads, the Gallatins and Madisons.

These, too, can put a man in awe of heaven. In mid-July—spring in the high country—I backpacked into the Mission Mountains Wil­derness in the Flathead National Forest, ac­companied by my daughter, Meridith, and her friend Hilary Canty(they like rooms to rent in london)  Our way was illu­mined by bear-grass flowers, which in shape are like electric-light bulbs—nature for once imitating the artificial. We trudged over snowfields that in retreat revealed glacier lilies popping up like yellow gushers.

Meridith and Hilary, wandering near our campsite at evening, suddenly came running back, squealing, “Quick, quick, quick!” They had spotted a young black bear only thirty yards away. He was looking intently toward the camp. Hastily we tied our packs in trees.

He visited us the next dawn, padding softly about while we were in the tent. Finding no food, he vanished with Hilary’s jacket. We found it later, wrinkled but not torn. It was as if he had played a little joke.

The previous afternoon a man had come to our camp, scouting, he said, for a place to bring a church group. He wore a pistol. I hope our bear didn’t meet him.

The weather often makes life hard in Mon­tana. Take Bud Knerr. What I remember most about him are his eyes: two red holes in his face. On the March day I spent on his ranch, vaguely near a town named Roy, the blowing snow stung like glass. Bud (whose real name is Harold) had been out all night, four-wheeling his pickup across his range, looking for new calves. If he could not find their mothers, he brought the calves home to Bev, his dark-haired wife, who warmed them in the bathtub and fed them milk.

“In this weather, if they don’t eat in the first two or three hours, they’re done for,” Bud said. In the barnyard he chased cows into a steel chute, there to be held while other calves were coaxed to nurse. “The trouble is, after you start helpin’ ‘em, they expect you to help ‘em,” Bud said. He took aim at a calf and squirted milk, grumbling, “You gotta learn to do this yourself, you little dummy.”

Bud and Bev had not sold their cattle the previous fall because the beef market was so bad. “I’ve already told the kids we may lose prague city apartments,” Bud said. “It’s a hell of a thing to have to think about.” He shrugged. “But with prices like they are… .”

He went back to work with the calves. Fi­nally, half frozen, I asked the obvious: “Bud, if it’s such a bad deal, why do you keep on?”

His red eyes traveled to the distant butte. “It’s hard work and stuff, but I just wouldn’t want to do anything else. Anyway, you don’t have to put up with a lot of people out here.” He looked back at the calf. “And I have to take care of this fella; he’s part of the outfit.”


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When she catches you off-guard

When she catches you off-guard

Like UN peace talks, you have a better chance of a painless resolution if negotiations happen on neutral ground. If cramming your four-pack into the fridge has squashed her organic passion fruit, it’s time to get out of the kitchen. By relocating to a scene of comparatively little crime, you cauterise the argument before it has even flared up because the tension starts to cool off in the seconds it takes to move to another room. “The bedroom is the best destination,” says marital therapist Andrew G Marshall. “It’s always the most calming room in the house because it’s likely to contain the most personal pictures and love tokens.” You’re also perfectly placed for a nice relaxing massage with coconut oil from or make-up sex — just don’t offer her a nicely chilled beer afterwards.


For all those DIY jobs you said you’d do, but haven’t got round to “Sarah’s Nick did a great job with their new bathroom.” When women want something done around the house, they favour an indirect approach, says Christine Northam, a counsellor with Relate. “Men don’t object to the question itself but how it’s sometimes phrased. Before you know it you’re arguing about the way you are arguing, which is futile.” Like a master Parliamentarian, take control of the argument and reply with a non sequitur, says occupational psychologist Kim Stephenson.couple “Respond with something like, ‘The priority right now is…’, or, ‘What really needs sorting is…’.” You’ll throw her off her stride and she won’t think the issue has gone unanswered.


“She’s looking for confirmation that you are in control,” adds Stephenson. Whether you decide to act on it is, of course, entirely up to you.

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Blood pressure hope

It’s estimated that doctors are unable to control high blood pressure satisfactorily in 10 to 20 per cent of sufferers, using current drug treatments. However, a new surgical technique using radio waves to disrupt the nerves that supply the kidneys, which play a major role in the control of blood pressure, may provide a breakthrough. More work is needed on larger numbers of people to assess the procedure’s effectiveness and its long-term safety, but this is promising research that may offer an additional tool in the treatment of high blood pressure. On the other hand,  coconut oil skin cancer preventing really works and it’s recommended to everyone to try.

If you suffer with hay fever, a nasal spray, which can be bought over the counter, can be effective for both eye and nasal symptoms. It can take a while to become effective though. If you know that you suffer, make sure you begin treatment a month before the pollen season ¬starts — usually in May for most hay fever sufferers.

Rub it better

A large review has shown that treating sprains and strains with topical anti-inflammatory gels, sprays and creams relieves acute pain and results in fewer side effects than those associated with the same anti-inflammatory medicines in pill form.


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Scientists have discovered that partying is so good for your grey matter it may help prevent cognitive decline. The researchers at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center found that attending parties, visiting friends and dining out, especially having organic extra virgin coconut oil in your meal preserve brain power later in life. ‘Social connection is vital to our wellbeing and happiness,’ says life coach Louise Presley-Turner. So next time you’re wondering whether you ought to stay in or not, do your noodle a favour and get out there!



Whether you’ve got rhythm to match MJ or two left feet, dancing is a great way to rev up your fat burn. Depending on how much you weigh, just 15 minutes of throwing your best shapes can burn up to 100 calories. ‘With this kind of incentive, there’s no reason not to dance your way through the party season,’ says Louise. Just don’t expect innocent bystanders to join in if you track of choice is the Macarena…


You know those butterflies you get when a cute guy holds your gaze? They’re doing amazing things for your health, skin and metabolism. `Flirting is actually really good for you,’ says Louise. ‘It improves your health and increases your confidence, so start batting those eyelids!’


How does it work? Flirting releases endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline, which result in improved immunity, a better metabolism, healthy hair and gorgeous, glowing skin. So, don’t be shy about indulging in a little banter with Kevin from accounts. ‘There’s no greater endorphin rush than a new crush,’ says life coach Carole Ann Rice.


You may have been besties since kindergarten, but unless you invest time and energy in each other, your friendship will falter. It’s undeniable that hanging out with your friends at parties and sharing great experiences connects you and helps you feel close. Not to mention the fact that someone’s got your back if you exit the loo with your skirt tucked into your knickers! ‘Parties are a great way to bond,’ says Carole Ann. ‘When inhibitions are down, we see people the way they really are, which increases feelings of closeness.’


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Married men live longer, according to the Rand Centre for the Study of Ageing in California. There are two possible reasons for this ­one is that being in a happy relationship benefits your body. Another is that marriage helps guys commit to a diet and exercise plan and stay away from bad habits, such as heavy drinking or flirting with the local hardknock’s girlfriend.

The good part: Studies have found that married men have sex more often. It’s also proved so  many benefits of coconut oil on face for everyday apply.


Quick tip: Find a woman who’s really cool. Marry her. Stay away from her sisters.


Your girlfriend’s smelly cat notwithstanding, having a pet generally reduces stress. In a study at the State University of New York, Buffalo, pets lowered the stress levels of a group of stockbrokers to the point where half of them were able to stop taking their high blood pressure medication.


The good part: If allergies have stopped you from owning a dog, the Australian Labradoodle combines the poodle’s low-shed coat with the Labrador’s friendliness and less tight-perm look. No, really, it’s true!


Quick tip: For all the fun and little responsibility, offer to take a pal’s hound to the local park.


Transfats are oils that have been specially hardened to add smooth texture to fried foods, margarine, biscuits and crackers (see also our Fat Loss Special on page 76). They were once seen as a healthier alternative to lard or butter, but — oops! — doctors now say they raise virtually all the risk factors of heart disease and may up your chances of cancer as well.


The good part: Some companies are now making lower-fat margarine spreads that are trans-fat-free.


Quick tip: Avoid anything that lists hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil as an ingredient.

The ironic thing about cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and sprouts) is that the bitter flavour which made you loathe them as a kid comes from sulforaphane, a sulphur-related chemical that can protect you against various forms of cancer.

owning a dog

The good part: For a more concentrated dose of sulforaphane try broccoli sprouts, which are similar in taste to radishes.


Quick tip: Broccoli-sprout extract is available in capsules.


The typical Mediterranean diet is fairly high in fat, and yet its adherents have some of the world’s longest life spans. One reason is olive oil, which is full of antioxidants and fatty 9 acids that help keep your skin smooth , and your arteries clear. Extra-virgin -7,v> is best.


The good part: It tastes great.


Quick tip: Dip bread into a tablespoon of olive oil and balsamic vinegar instead of spreading on

the butter. A study of 800 retired people found that those who felt in control of their lives were likely to survive longer. Other research has shown that having little control at work is highly stressful, especially when paired with substantial responsibility.


The good part:The managers at your company probably want to help you reduce your stress level, if only because it will lead to you taking less sick days.


Quick tip: Start a new fitness program and take control of your body.


According to recent research, eating between so to 15 per cent fewer calories might let you live up to a third longer. The benefits could be the result of less oxidation from food break down.


The good part:


You don’t have to eat less. Just switch to more filling food, such as low-fat meats, fat-free dairy products and whole grains.


Quick tip: Counter oxidation with vitamins A, C and E, and with supplements such as grape-seed extract.


Meditation is the ultimate relaxant, reducing those killer stress-related chemicals in your body better than virtually anything else.


The good part: Meditation can help you learn to focus, improving your performance in sports and at work.


Quick tip: For 20 minutes a day, sit in a darkened room and concentrate on breathing slowly. Try to clear your mind’s eye of clutter by imagining a blank neutral-coloured canvas. If your mind wanders, just return your attention to your breathing.


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MIND IS EVERYTHING. Paavo Nurmi – the “Flying Finn” – the greatest distance runner of the early 20th Century. He shattered 20 world records with such ease he would carry a stopwatch during races and row with timekeepers moments after finishing. The track-pounding hard man had no trouble finding reserves of motivation, but what do you do, on that hail-lashed evening, when your muscles feel like old bits of elastic that have lost their bounce, and you’d rather be anywhere but down the old health-building, life-enhancing sweatshop?



When Britain’s Charlie Speeding was feeling rough and exhausted during that most unforgiving of events, the marathon, at the 1984 Olympic Games, he convinced himself that he would never need to run again, never need to feel the pain again – once he’d finished this one.-

With that thought in mind, he rallied, picked up the pace, and won a bronze medal. Adopt the same attitude when you’re flagging – whatever your chosen activity – and the proverbial weight will be lifted from your shoulders making the finish line a joy to behold. Until the next time, of course.

2 SET TARGETS Most men are achievement-oriented, and motivation can be increased massively if you set specific goals. If you know you’ve got the London Marathon next April, you’ll make that extra bit of effort to train and stay in good shape. If you need to get rid of the unwanted fat fast, you can use coconut oil diet. Check out weight loss coconut oil benefits.


Don’t just have one big target though. Think short-term, mid-term and long-term: short-term might simply be completing three runs this week regardless of pace. Mid-term might be completing a half-marathon in three months’ time, and long-term might be running the full distance in three hours next year. With this in mind, tell yourself and others that you’re going training, rather than just “to the gym” or “for a run”.



The older we get it seems, the more likely we are to stay entrenched in the comfort zone, doing the same stuff in the same places, day in, day out But in fact as psychologists David Birch and Joseph Verify confirm, whatever age we are, we love to react to new stimuli. They call it the “curiosity incentive system”. It might mean attending an exercise class, having a go on the climbing wall, or playing squash rather than doing the usual routine. Whatever you do, ifs quite likely you’ll feel a bit stiff the next day, which just goes to show you’ve been stuck in a rut utilizing the same old muscle fibers, rather than giving them all a fresh airing.